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Begusarai district is one of the thirty-seven districts of Bihar state, India, and Begusarai town is the administrative headquarters of this district. Begusarai district is a part of Munger division.

It was established in 1870 as a subdivision of Munger District. In 1972, it was given district status. The name of the district apparently comes from Begu, a man who looked after Sarai, an old and small inn.

It is represented in Parliament of India by Rajeev Ranjan Singh of the Janata Dal (United).

Headquarters: Begusarai Location : latitudes 25.15N & 25.45N and longitudes 85.45E & 86.36E
Area: 1918.0km?
Population: Total: 2342989 Rural: Urban:
Sub Divisions: Begusarai, Manjhaul, Ballia, Bakhari, Teghara.
Blocks: 18
Agriculture: Kharif: Paddy, Arahar, Urad. Rabi: Wheat, Macca, Gram, Masur, Mater, Mustard, Tisi, Sunflower.
Cash Corps : oilseeds, tobacco, jute, potato, red chilies, tomato and andi.
Industry: Indian Oil Refinery- Barauni, Thermal power station- Barauni and hundreds of small industrial units in the private sector.
Rivers: Ganga, Burhi Gandak, Balan, Bainty, Baya and Chandrabhaga.
Kaver Jheel: Kaver Jheel one of the Asia's largest fresh water lake, also famous for Birds' sanctuary.
Noteworthy : Bridge across Ganges at Barauni, Resting spot for migratory birds, Industrial complex at Barauni.

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    Acharya Dr Jagdish Chandra Mishra's house and Amresh Mishra House
  • piu aman raj, riya sen (guest) wrote 12 months ago:
    hey piu wr are u I miss you my love ur piya
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